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"24 Weeks" is an optional way to donate to BC Childrens Hospital. To donate, simply name your price and follow the links. If you are wanting your free copy, that is totally awesome too. Just individually click next to each song below "download mp3" Thank you for your support either way! :)

24 Weeks

24 Weeks


24 Weeks

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On Aug. 8th 2012 my wife gave birth to our first baby boy Ruel at only 24 weeks gestation. Weighing only 1.5 lbs his life hung in the hands of the amazing workers at BC Childrens Hospital.........

Through the ups and downs of our 145 day stay in the NICU our boy showed us his superhuman will to live, to preserver and over come all of the odds he had stacked against him.......

"24 weeks" is this past year in song from my perspective as a new dad hoping and praying for our tiny little fighter. Through the toughest time of our live it has proven to be the most beautiful of all........

Today I am happy to say that Ruel is home with us and grows stronger and bigger everyday.......

You really don't know how important BC Childrens Hospital is until you need them and we are so grateful for their amazing care of our boy. They are all our biggest hero's.......

Now in my way to give back I have made this album free with an option to donate with all proceeds going back to BC Childrens.......

If you don't have money to donate, that is totally ok, I am so glad you will enjoy the cd, and if this has tugged on your heart string in a way that you want to donate, please know your hard earned cash will go directly to helping other tiny little lives like our Ruel. So thank you.......

Thank you for the support and enjoy this personal album of hope and life.......

Thomas Kjorven

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Album Cred.

All songs Written / Composed / Produced by Thomas Kjorven 
Mastered by Mike Pedersen at Music CIty Studio
Artwork and design by Sublime Photography and Design

A Soul Musikj Production

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