Blue Thomas Kjorven - Jaclyn Gee

All songs produced by Thomas Kjorven. Songs written by Thomas Kjorven and Jaclyn Gee. Guitar by Ethan Foster.Mastered by Music City Studio. Album design by Sublime Photography and Design --------------------------------------------------------------------

If you don't have the doe, s'all good. I just want you to have it. so you download the songs individually for FREE or if you choose to donate its much apreciated! thanks for being here... :)

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Blue Berry Sky

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About Blue

    • Producer, Vocalist, Songwriter, Thomas Kjorven recently teamed up with vocalist Jaclyn Gee, to collab on their first album together. With their unique styles, they have found a way to incorporate hiphop, jazz and soul with an ambient and organic sound that soothes the soul. Both have been performing since a young age and have the determination and the passion to become something great in the music community.
      In a main stream world where more is seen as better, Blue has taken a more organic aprounch in the "Less is more" belief. "I could produce the hell out of a song but if the soul isnt there, the song isnt real to me. I find the simplicity and imperfections more true then how sick your beat may be"
      "we are not striving for fame or to be the next best thing, we just want people to feel what were doing and be inspired". with that being said, we can expect nothing but raw creativity in their future collaborations, and thats a promise.