Who is Jaclyn Gee?

Performing Spice girls songs on the back patio of my house for the rest of the kids in the complex at a very young age, i certainly knew that one day I would be a singer with no doubt in my mind.

I began writing around the age of 7 and started recording professionally at the age of 16 with Vernon producer and emcee Immaculate. I moved around a lot through elementry and high school and it really took a toll and never gave me the chance to settle in and concentrate on music which is really all I wanted to do.

I travelled to Australia after i graduated from highschool to network with different musicians and live the gypsy life for awhile. It was awesome, but I got homesick pretty fast and came back to Canada shortly after where I then moved to Kelowna. things just seemed to fall into place from there perfectly.

I met Thomas Kjorven who i instantly clicked with music wise and released my first album with him, "Blue" which is a combination of Hiphop, Soul, and Jazz that we seemed to uniquely blend together with all these organic sounds. Thomas creates the beats with random instruments in his studio and loops them. From the snaps of his fingers, a tap on a book with a stick his pup was probably just chewing on, and anything else that he can get his hands on really, he seems to come up with these rediculously cool sounds. it's pretty interesting to watch actually. he's a musical genius to say the least.

I grew up listening to a lot of underground hiphop and acoustic music which i guess molded my voice into what it is now. i'm inspired still to this day by artists being Lauryn Hill of the Fugees, Tribe called quest, The Roots, Lizz Fullerton, All of the Marleys, Jedi Mind Tricks and mostly all of the amazingly talented people in my life that I've had the privelege to have by my side.

I'm always looking for new ways to be inspired. I love the feeling of creating a new song. Nothing in the world tops that feeling for me. I am married to music, it is the love of my life and i will always keep moving forward with an open mind and determination to inspire others with music the way music has inspired me. to this day I live by this quote "I would rather be a failure doing something I love then a success doing something I hate".

I'm not looking to be the next Lady GaGa I'm really just looking for a long road ahead of epic jam sessions.