Something Else

 Something Else is a collection of Hip Hop / Soul / Jazz tracks, a project I have taken on featuring and collaborating with a good friend and MC Jesse "Shameless" Esson. We met a year ago when he had asked me to record vocals for some of the beats he had. After hearing his vocals and feeling his unique rhythmical style I asked him if I could compose a new beat for him from scratch...  1 tune quickly turned into 4 songs, and I featured them on my last release "Home Made". 
I have always been a hip hop lover and have wanted to do a hip hop project for some time, this seemed to be the perfect mesh. While I compose the instrumentals and create the beat Shameless has added a new flavour and has inspired a whole new avenue in my musical journey. 
We are both very proud to present to you "Something Else"
Bump it in your car, dance to it in your living room, and vibe to it on your ipod. This is Independent and unfiltered Canadian music, We do it because we love it and we are driven to add "Something Else" to this world. 

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Doing Alright


A day without you